Pure Evoke Replacement Display

Fitting Info

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 The radio was not designed for an easy swap-out DIY repair, however - as it is partly modular it is possible to carry out this repair without any special tools.


Read this first!

Here are some of the issues people have come across when fitting their screen:-

1. Display fitted wrong way round (front to back).
2. Display fitted upside down.
3. Ribbon damaged during installation - slightly detached from screen (they are very delicate, this kills the screen), or tools used to push it into the connector.
4. Ribbon not pushed into connector squarely or far enough.
5. Ribbon connector securing tabs not pushed down fully.
6. Other ribbons within the radio become detached whilst getting to the display.
7. Speaker connection detached whilst dismantling but not reattached.
8. Dust falling on to the inside of the display area, shoes up as specks on the screen (most annoying).
9. Blue ariel cable breaking.
10. Copper heat spreader ripped (remove it slowly!)
11. Ferrite choke refitted in wrong place making ribbon unable to emerge through plastic backing.

Pure Evoke Flow

Full stripdown with pictures over at www.alanwinstanley.com

More Fitting info documented by OxfordDownings over at www.diyaudio.com

1. remove the back plate (six screws)
2. slide the innards out (angle it out right side first)
3. [non-essential] if you'd like to give yourself more room and can reach it then the wire that attaches the inner board to the inside of the radio handle can be unscrewed temporarily
4. note how the screen ribbon cable inserts into the circuit board. (Mine had the numbers 1 and 22 on it which helped.) Your new ribbon will need to go in the same way, obvs.
5. CRITICAL: there is a small black plastic clip which you can see either side of where the ribbon meeds the circuit board. Slide both ends of this up towards the top of the radio, releasing the old ribbon cable
6. remove the four small screws from the screen retainer and remove this and the old screen
7. slide the old ribbon through the letterbox aperture on the screen retainer
8. clean the inside of the radio window
9. remove the screen protector from your new screen and site the new screen (the right way up!)
10. insert the new ribbon cable through the letterbox aperture and set the screen retainer in place
11. replace the four small screws and tighten them evenly
12. reattach the ribbon cable (make sure the black clip is open as you are inserting the ribbon; closing the clip then locks the ribbon in place)
13. [if you detatched the wire from the inside of the radio handle then now is the time to reattach it]
14. replace the board (left side in first) and reinsert the six screws
15. plug it in, wait for it to sort itself out, and then...
16. ...allow yourself a warm smile of self-congratulation. You have saved an old radio from the rubbish bin!

Pure Avanti Flow


Some tips:-

It isn't difficult - just very fiddly, but if you take your time and note down everything you disconnect you will be fine.

Tips - The front grill and speaker grill (underneath) are not glued or screwed, they are just a press fit and can be carefully prysed out revealing screws underneath.

Remove the back panel.

Remove the underneath speaker and take out the wadding. You will see two cable bundles secured with white plastic clips, remove the screws holding the clips down, this will give you more slack which is needed when you take the front off.

Some of the ribbons are really tricky to re-insert, you could try some long nose cranked pliers but with the jaws covered with some electrical shrink wrap, this is essential to avoid damaging the ribbons.

This is a high level guide given by Craggle over at www.diyaudio.com

"I Used a knife to remove the front black metal grill, pushed knife down sides and eased it up a little at a time.
Removed the eight screws from front panel and pulled out front of unit carefully.
There are plenty of small ribbon cables so be gentle!
Removed 4 screws from first pcb with what looks like an earthing cable attached to one.
Removed screws from 2nd pcb
Removed screws holding screen pcb. I think I now pulled the ribbon cables out and swapped over the replacement screen. The old one is glued on to the plastic but just ease it off.
Used a bit of plastic glue to stick new one on making sure I got it correct way up etc

Reassemble pushing back any ribbon cables you have removed. It’s quite a fiddley job all in all but take your time .

Used small Phillips head screwdriver, a knife, some plastic glue and a bit of tape to stick ribbon cable down on new screen".